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Wer wir sind


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Design, Trend, Farben

Wir versammeln preisgekrönte Designer und Experten aus allen Designbereichen und aus der ganzen Welt.


Wir sind MRKRL!




Architect SAR/MSA

More than 30 years of professional experience as project architects. We have a special interest in schools, preschools and housing in all its forms. We also work with museums, administration buildings, libraries and rooms for artistic practice.


We see the small scale of the office as a strength. This creates the conditions for close collaboration between the employees within a project and close collaboration with our clients. It also enables each project to maintain and develop its own unique profile, from early sketch to finished building. The commitment and participation in the projects is very great at Wahlström & Steijner, which we are convinced will benefit the customer. Our aim is to grow a little more, but we believe that our strength lies in the smaller scale. The company's vision is to contribute to and be at the forefront of creating a sustainable society. Getting a perspective on projects that include ecology and sustainability in a longer perspective is a strong endeavor. In order to realize our ideas, be able to present the projects clearly and ensure qualities for the customer, we want to develop and be at the forefront.

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